Premium Voice is Quality focused product which provides the highest quality voice termination via VoIP/TDM direct routes and handpicked suppliers.

It is a product which we use to offer maximum number of our routes to customers which can bring price advantage to them.

We offer reliable SMS traffic transit for both sending and receiving text messages.

VACOTEL offers advanced and fully featured business VoIP solutions tailored to your business communication needs.

Who We Are

VACOTEL means reliably professionally quality on time provided services in telecomunnication.


VACOTEL is an international provider of Voice and messaging services that ensures VoIP and SMS traffic transit on the wholesale and retail markets of such services.

We have agreements with all of the key players within the sector ensuring that regardless of the size or type of your business, we can offer you the most competitive rates around without detriment to your service. Through VACOTEL`s network of partners, we can offer direct routes to several locations in the Middle East, African, LATAM, and CIS regions.


Main reasons to work with Us


Focused on client

Friendly team

High quality

Dedicated capacity

Flexible credit

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